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Moodle Access Error Message

Moodle Access Error Message

by Theodis Garth -
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Greetings CSU: 

We are currently experiencing access issues with Moodle 3.11.  When students and faculty members try to access their course(s), a exception - Class error message is returned. We are hard at work trying to fix this issue.  Once the issues are resolved, we will send out another alert message.  

We want to thank you for being patient during this time.  The issue will be resolved shortly. 

Exception Class Error

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Re: Moodle Access Error Message

by Theodis Garth -
Hello Campus Community:

The Exception - Class error message has now been fixed. All know database issues have been resolved and the server reset. All course content is accessible, students and faculty should not get any error messages going forward.

We would like to thank you for your patience. CTRE